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Philosophy: love of wisdom (Greek origin)
The wisdom is meant to be wisdom of this creation (or universe or this presence).
This creation has certain logic which is not the logic of things: it is not by things the cause is known, but by the cause things are known.
This creation has a mechanism (circular motions mentioned as instructions to research how matter or chemical elements were created). And at the end of the rope (earth), this creation is establishing an environment for creatures to live, multiply through natural balances. One of these balances is the balance of both sexes imposed by this creation as wisdom of continuity. This balance cannot be seen by the logic of things i.e. science.
Science is searching what nature offers and cannot tell how the constructive units of universe i.e. the chemical elements, were created because every specialization is limited in his field (the specialist knows more and more about less of less of these branches in science)

Science would have said by now:
“….who is maintaining the balance of both sexes on earth creatures?”
“….how the atoms were created….”
“….what makes the electrons orbiting about nuclei…..”

The pursuit of wisdom is to find how nature was created and bring a proof; which is available in my research. All the truth and reality which may interest you, regarding the cause of the matter, and the role of created nature in the balance of both sexes(who is determining the sex of offspring to maintain balance?) and how atoms were created etc...are available in this website exclusively ...
(Philosophy is the game of the few: the shallow issues cannot have the value of the depth)......We ,humans, are not replacing dinosaurs on earth...on the contrary, we have an aim to fulfill ....!!!!!!
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